I stopped learning

I started practicing

And the whole world collapsed

Everything made sense and nothing did

Clarity was the new religion

I am no sinner or saint

Just a traveling warrior

Looking for the next mountain to climb and claim


burn, baby burn

To some, words mean nothing

To others

They mean the world

As she expresses the feelings she’s sensed unfold

It is confirmation that my love endures

That despite the bitter winter

The flowers of adoration that I planted were never in vain

My love is more powerful than my rage

And that reminder in my power helps me remain

What is love?

But a feeling inspired by one

Who seems to set aside themselves

To ensure that together you both burn as brightly as the sun

The Shaman meets the Witch

I met the mirror image of me in a woman’s form

We sat across each other at the restaurant as we scanned for strengths and weaknesses

It was fate that brought us together

Every temptation in life has presented itself lately

And only this one was forced upon me

Her eyes were dark pits of tar that might, to the inexperienced wayfarer, pull you in

Her smile was a curve all too familiar, and it reeked of reckless sin

Her mind was sharp and her emotions controlled

She wore black and spiritual jewelry

In the old days she might be accused of witch craft

Because of the affect she holds at captivating others

But I am not wayfarer or traveler

I am no tourist

I travel the universe behind the gradient of discernment

I don’t believe my own senses as much as you would if they existed outside your body

I sense small changes in words, as vibrations are my specialty

She says to me that she can sense my power

I tell her to keep it to her self

Words of that magnitude need not be spoken out loud

A simple look told me she could see the real me

People of our type need not communicate with words

The true meaning of our communication comes from deep stares and gestures of power

A king and queen who’ve seen war enough to not lower their guard

Except for the occasions where the eyes meet in two dimensions at once

pathological pretenders

I never understood why people lie to themselves just to impress others

“Fake it til you make it” crowds walking around as if I couldn’t see through their elaborate shrouds

They hope that the shouts they yell out will somehow cloud the wounds they pretend to have sown together

Whilst coming apart at the seems

It’s all fun and games until they can no longer awaken from their falsely stitched dream

meditations XII:XXVI

The way things align I saw them coming a mile away

It is incredible the perception we get when we can stay grounded

To stop emotion from moving us, but rather alert us of the climate of things

A deep peace and clarity exists in me


Growing in perspective

Diving deep into the darkness I once used to be controlled by

To see these things in others

To heal

To help

To nurture

My calling is simple

I am both a beacon of shining light and a blazing fire all at once

And I appear to each differently

Some need me as the scorching fire others as the beam that shines bright

Whatever it is if it helps then it’s alright

Don’t be mistaken;

Self love was the reason I got back into my might

september song

Our vibe is indescribably fluid

Our communication is flawless

Everything has a rhythm

It is as if we are in tune with the universe’s deep hymns

Interlocked in a web of love and lust

Trading energy in a cycle that rejuvenates us both

You need not worry about what our future holds

For we are divinely guided and our path is set in stone

In the meantime let us get lost

As September gives way to October and the winds turn cold

good girl

Please do not hold me to your standards

I will always disappoint

I am perfection masqueraded by the perception which looks upon me

Where 999 people will find every flaw imaginable

Only but a handful can see the truth

I am what you fear and I am graceful with it

My hands shake because my frame can barely contain my spirit

Every passing moment and waning moon

The deepest darkest secrets I hold get deeper and darker

Get closer, can you hear it?

My fire

Do you fear it?

You won’t be the first or last to answer that question

So let’s not waste time with the elaborate gestures

Take your clothes off and be a good girl

You submit to me, and I’ll gift you the world


I strive to recognize all the divine in me

At times I reconcile the darkness and light

Resulting in an ease in the fight

Other times I awaken with demons tugging diligently at my heels

Murmuring secrets of how my time is near

The beauty of this ebb and flow pattern is watching the thinker

The mind that never shuts off

Watching it try its best to ensure that its paranoia rubs off

To free my soul I had to light my whole self on fire

And it was only from the smoldering debts of the purple flame that I arose again as but a shadow of the past man

A death in life per se

A veneration brought about through notoriety

I am not your angels or “saintly priests”

I am the voice for the force of destruction that lies dormant in all things

I come here to burn it down

To pave the way for the new beginnings

the flyers

The shamans of ancient times believed we were given a brain that wasn’t ours

To block out any divine communication

This explains why humans are walking contradictions

Flyers they called them

The predators for whom we are prey

I see them everyday

They are shadows too fast to focus on and they stalk me night and day

Discipline is the only combat against these beings

Who seek to highjack our divinity

And treat us like cattle and high end meat

Only some of us can see

Those who care to wake up and without fear stare them right in their being

Don’t believe me

Try it yourself

Find your inner silence

And they’ll be coming for you like the devil after a soul who made it out of hell