The oscillations of reality vibrate silently a chant of life

An ohm of existence that resonates loudly to those who can hear the night

The consciousness checks in and out

Wading like a boat in the dark primordial waters devoid of light

To some, a fright

But to him it’s comforting like raindrops hitting the windows of his soul in the night


Keep Going

When the darkness don’t let you sleep

Close your eyes and picture me

My wings around you spread

Through hell’s fire and heat

Don’t take no, don’t take defeat

You’re a soldier, get back on your feet

Keep on going and you shall see

You were born for a a greater destiny

innerstand ii

Creature comforts now weigh down my soul

I don’t sit here and entertain them

Can’t even if I tried

The gravitational pull of enlightenment causes me to toss it all aside

Though they may wonder and ask

I look to the past

And see the path which has led me to that

I pray and give thanks

Astral Travel

She’s the opposite of everything I ever wanted

But she’s everything I now desire

She hurts and aches but spills it forward with ease

Says she trusts me

And for the first time ever

I trust me too

I sink back and see myself full view

An astral projection that paints the sky in all different hues

tearful procession

I cried uncontrollably while my mind was silent

Sitting in locust pose

Dwelling on the thought of who I once was

A funeral procession

To the man in the mirror

Because light takes time to reach the eyes

So even as I stare

I’m no longer the one staring from the other side


The mystical does not show itself to just anyone

The disciplined Magi who seeks

Must transform himself into a vehicle for the great spirit

A communion divine and natural as birth

But lost due to trauma and the world

To seed back the roots of the tree of life

Once must undertake the heroes journey

Into the lower realms and up to the higher realms

The space of Shamanic wisdom

Only then can they gain it all back

Heal Others & Heal

To many I’ve been a healer

My touch can free the minds in ecstasy

My laugh breaks thought patterns

My eyes pierce defenses

And my large embrace reminds them that it’s all okay

But I had neglected the dark side of it

Because at the end of the day

Who tends to the wounded healer

I carried the energy of countless I had healed

And when I let it go, the world got lighter

The jaguar roared

And the song bird returned to the perch that she had

Outside of my heart’s window.


The sun rained fire on those who defied him

The moon was left to see the destruction

But as she rose to the top of the sky

The wolves howled in protest

But she was no stranger to cycles

She knew it would all grow back one way


I knocked on the door and saw a vacancy sign

Months later there was answer inside

The one who came out still embracing deep silence

With her eyes she manipulated and said nothing

And I realized that time shifts and people change

But parts of them remain the same