The One

Her voice is the holy grail

That the alchemists of old so painstakingly sought after

Her touch heals generational wounds and mends hearts

She pulls souls from the pits of Hades

Saw me standing tall

Adjusted my collar and crowned me king

A goddess that shames Aphrodite herself

She anoints me with her lips

I hang on her every kiss

I give my spirit’s entirety to her pleasure

The lines of Duality disappear


en realidad

En realidad, es muy simple;

Las flores envidian el color de tu aura.

El sol se acompleja al ver la luz de tu sonrisa.

Los árboles mismos buscan darte su sombra

Los pájaros cantan tus alabancias

La luna le pierde control a las olas

Cuando ellas tocan tus pies

El viento mismo busca besar tus labios

La lluvia cae solo para tocar tu rostro

Y yo?

Pues yo levantaria el mundo entero,

Solo para acercarte a tu favorita estrella

Y ponerte junto a la mas brillante

Solo para dejar que le robes el show

When I say

When I say she is mine I do not mean it possessively

I mean it in the way a right hand claims it’s left companion

Or the way the brain calls the mass of beating muscle in its chest “my heart”

An acceptance that we are here in this dimension to find those that we can blend as one with

She is my home base

Where my heart belongs and where my soul is recharged

She has brought me peace in an unsure time

She has become the mast to my sail

And how? In such short time?

Others call us crazy but because they have no inkling of the workings of the divine

To her, in my spirit, I have built a shrine

That will outlast all things and be a becon into the end of time


I arose with the taste of her on my lips

My bed smelled of an angel wrapped in rose and lavender

Memories flickering at the speed of light only to freeze as I gazed into her soul

A story that has no choice but to tell itself at how rapidly it unfolds

We close eyes and lock lips

As we embrace destiny’s blessing through a passionate kiss

A Love Heka

The silence is broken by low moans and sounds of pleasure pouring forth from the deepest depths of our nature

Our embrace is as the dance between the sun and moon; elusive yet romantic and necessary for the continuation of all that is worthy on this earth

For without you, the days would lack the luster that they have taken on as the light of your radiance filters through my every thought

To think we were ever strangers is a direct denunciation of our soulful dance eons in creation

A straight up affront to every time in other lives that we stole each other’s hearts only to mash them together into an ode to love – truly the most beautiful work of art

And what of those who wish to keep us apart? A hex of cataclysmic proportions to any man or woman brash enough to stand between what is fated and been written in the eons as God first charted the stars

But allow not my mind to get lost in vengeful plots, for your very presence is a protection of all that is beautiful and truly good within the human heart

My walking piece of poetry, the most beautiful work of Art

Loving Daze

I could stare into her eyes for days

Floating in both of her soul’s lakes

Time ceases to creep as our lips embrace

Even the laws of nature bend simply to admire her grace

Enamored our souls are raised

Building something that will outlast all in the end of days


My whole life they whispered in my ears that I was different

That I didn’t belong

That the pull of my heart never matched the tension in theirs

They almost broke me

And then I woke up and saw it all for what it was

And for this very same reason

I make love and wage war to the beat of my own drum


Is it self deception to believe something could feel so right

Laying awake at night half past five sun rising

Her voice lulling me to sleep with promises of an eternal dream

A soul that yesterday took form in front of my eyes

Could it be as it seems? Life doesn’t have to be much more complicated than this

But only time will tell the tale of love birthed from the passion of two clashing stars

As she walked in

It all fell upon me

Her eyes

Her words

Her truth

How could I be so lucky

To be lost in her gaze for what seemed like eternity

To be wrapped up in her arms for what seemed but too brief a moment

Perhaps I have gone insane and in that period manifested an illusion

And if that’s so then do not wake me

For rather lost with her

Than found without